All programs are age specific and level specific with great attention given to each child’s particular abilities. Each age group has a maximum of 30 kids and a dedicated coach. One of the most experienced youth coaches are working with our academies.

PFC Soccer School: 

Training is given at grassroots level. Kids under the age group between 8 and 12 are selected. It typically includes three training sessions per week (after school hours) and a match on weekends.

50 slots are provided. Batches are divided into under 8,10 and 12.
Selection trails events are conducted twice in a year (October & April)

Residential Football Acdemy: 

Our Residential Football Academy in Parappur offers safe to stay, school education, balanced nutrition, and scientifically designed long term football training programs for 13 to 18 age groups.

Besides this we also  provide playing kits, Medical Aid, Medical Insurance,  Transportation, Education etc for our selected trainees.

Coaching is given on all regular days in a week.
Batches are divided into under 13, 15 and 18

We conduct our practise at St. Johns HSS Ground in Parappur, Corporation Ground at Thrissur, in Parappur FC Floodlit ground at Parappur.

Out trainees are given opportunities to participate in KFA Academy League and AIFF Youth Leagues, District Academy League, Inter School matches & Inter academy Tournaments.

Once in three months, all the trainees are assessed on their performance. Those residential trainees who demonstrate insufficient progress are eliminated every six months.

An overview of developing a professional football team within a timeline of 5 years